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The Highway 127 Yard Sale
Phun Photo Gallery

photos by Anna Collins

These are some of the photos that made the "Kodak Moments" list.

What goes through the mind of a cow?


Every one knows the best way to attract customers to your yard sale is to fake a suicide.




Working at the Beaver Lick Trading Post brings a smile to any young man's face!





Everyone's looking for something special at the 127 Yard Sale.




Hey, who wouldn't trust a financial center that's in a clapboard house with whited-out windows?



Mullet Spotting!

The Mullet Coiffure - The classic "business in the front, party
in the back" hairstyle, popped up just about everywhere we went!
Not just a hairstyle, but an attitude! (Note the pack of smokes in the breast pocket, for that added joie d'vivre.)



Mullet Spotting!

This hungry Mullet was spotted dining with a companion that may well be "going the Mullet way" herself!


What better feeling of security than to have your bank in a trailer?


And finally...

The only church that intimidates Satan worshippers.

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