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When visionary hotelier Sol Kerzner proclaimed his core value No. 1 "blow away the customer", never was that phrase more apparent than in his utopian masterpiece, Atlantis.

Located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, this massive water-world resort which opened in December, 1998 boasts 1,201 guest accommodations set in the two majestic Royal Towers and the Coral and Beach Towers, 2,300 rooms, 35 restaurants and bars, fountains, waterfalls, watersheds and the largest marine habitat in the world (besides the actual ocean). And let's not forget a world-class casino, spa, children's learning center, shops, a comedy club, convention facilities, a movie theater and more! So where do you start? Anywhere you want.

But first, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the vast island empire called Atlantis, here's a little background about the fabled city, the theme of this spectacular resort, and the island where it lives.

A Little Background Music

About Paradise Island

Paradise Island is located on the northern edge of Nassau (New Providence) the capital of the Bahamas. The island is 826 acres, 4 1/2 miles long and 3/4 of a mile wide. It used to be known as Hog Island and first became a tourist attraction in 1921. In 1962, it was renamed "Paradise Island" since the Bahamian Parliament and commercial developers didn't think the name Hog Island would be appealing to tourists. (Hmmm.."Hog Heaven" maybe?) Ever since 1962, Hog Island has been Paradise Island. Good move.

About Atlantis

Atlantis was first mentioned by the Greek Philosopher Plato. The empire was said to have stretched from the Straits of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Mediterranean all the way to the Americas. It was where Poseidon, the God of the Oceans, ruled with his five sets of male twins. (My heart goes out to Mrs. Poseidon cooking for 10 teenage boys and a god, but of course, they never mention her).

Atlantis was known as a thriving utopian society where inhabitants enjoyed a life of harmony and abundance going back as far as 10 centuries B.C. According to the legend, around 1,500 B.C., a massive earthquake destroyed Atlantis and it disappeared under the ocean named for it, the Atlantic.

For years people have searched for traces of this wonderful civilization and some believe Atlantis was the island of Crete, while others believe it to be the Canary Islands, Scandinavia or the New World.

But what Atlantis really is, is a larger than life, dramatic, extraordinary playground for humans of all ages, interests and homelands. If Atlantis was to have been a place where people lived in harmony and enjoyed all the gifts life and nature had to offer, then rest assured, Atlantis lives. More gloriously than ever.

The waterscape surrounding the Atlantis resort is over 11 million gallons of water, more than 50,000 sea animals that represent over 200 species that live in 11 exhibit lagoons.

NOTE: So our journey here won't be too word intensive, I've bolded certain names and words in red that could do with a bit more background or explanation. Just click on the bolded word(s) in RED and a pop-up box will appear with more info on the subject. (Go ahead do it now on these previous red words.)

3 Days in Paradise

Day 1

Flying HorsesUpon arriving at Nassau airport, my assistant and I were met by a limousine sent by Atlantis. Michael, our limo driver who came to us by way of Bahamas Experience, a combination limo and tour guide service, was a pleasant and talkative native Bahamian, happy to share his knowledge of the Island. For those of you wanting limo service to Atlantis or a private tour of the island, you can email Bahamas Experience for more info.

After a 30 minute drive from the airport we arrived at our destination. To say Atlantis is magnificent, is an understated understatement. Count on having your jaw in the dropped position for at least... the whole time you're there. The wonders never cease. Atlantis is delicious visual banquet that you can never seem to get enough of.

The first thing we saw upon arrival (besides the gigantic scope and structure of the buildings) were the brilliant bronze Flying Horses sculpture by Dani de Jager at the at the Porte Cochére entrance to the Royal Towers.

Making our way inside, we found ourselves in the Great Hall of Waters, the main lobby area of the Royal Towers.

You could easily spend some time roller-blading around this huge rotunda (although, don't). The ornate Atlantean pillars and the gleaming marble floors are highlighted by a domed ceiling that displays eight murals that tell the story of Atlantis from its days of glory to its impending destruction. The murals were painted by artist Albino Gonzalez.

Great Hall of Waters
Immense carved pillars lead up to a 70-foot domed ceiling made from golden shells. One side of the hall leads to the casino, another leads to the Royal Towers and another side leads to The Dig—an awesome display of archeological findings about the lost city.

After checking in, we were shown to our room in the Royal Towers. The Royal Towers has 1,201 guest facilities including 120 suites, and the amazing 5,000 square-foot Bridge Suite located in an archway high above the resort.

All rooms have mini-bars, in-room safes, hair dryers, iron and ironing board, color satellite TV and movies on demand.

Our room offered an incredible view of the grounds and the ocean. After many "oohs" and "ahhas" from our window, we unpacked and began our journey.


View from Royal Towers


Although our time here was limited, and we couldn't sample everything (which is why you MUST come here a second, or more, time!) I'll give you a first hand account of our experiences. If you need more info on Atlantis, I'll be listing the Atlantis website for you to explore at the end of this article. >>more



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