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The Lagoon Bar and GrillStill reeling from the initial shock over the splendor that surrounded us, we realized we were starving! The question wasn't what to eat—but where. With over 35 restaurants and bars, it was a dilemma. We decided to explore The Lagoon.

The Lagoon is a round, shell topped bar and eatery, with the most marvelous pastel colors and aquatic designs. It looks like a big Atlantean cake. An intricate serpentine railing winds its way around the entire structure. You get to the Lagoon through an underwater glass tunnel that runs directly beneath the Predator Lagoon and Reef, so you can eat while watching things you could be eaten by.

And don't forget to look up. The inside of the Lagoon's dome is painted in a very specific style depicting an array of sea creatures that almost seem to be talking to each other. The ceiling looks as if it has been there for thousands of years, complete with age spots and imperfections. The images, however, are vivid, as if in defiance of the fate of their city.

The food here is deli sandwiches, salads and lots of great drink specials. We ordered the Crab Salad, made with a harmonious blend of crab, avocado and lime chili; Conch Salad which was marinated in lime and a pepper salsa of vegetables, and a Philly Cheesesteak, made with thinly sliced sirloin, melted mozzarella cheese and pepper and onions. All of it? Fresh, fresh, fresh. And delicious.

I tried the Junkaroo Rush which is the favorite tropical drink here; a Bahamian Pina Colada layered with a strawberry daiquiri. Mmmm... No dessert. Too full. But will indulge later...



Judy Demeritte
One more thing about the Lagoon. Through our entire trip, if one employee stood out more than the rest, it would have to be the Lagoon's hostess, native Bahamian, Judy Demeritte. She is a rare treasure. Judy welcomes you into the restaurant like you're coming into her home; with charm, grace, and a heartfelt feeling of hospitality. It was very crowded when we arrived, and Judy never lost her cool. Smiling, cheerful and genuinely happy about where she was, Judy is, in a phrase, good for business.

After our more than satisfying lunch, we decided to waddle over to The Entertainment Center. Covering 100,000 square feet, this adult playground boasts over 980 slot machines, 78 gaming tables, including baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack and Caribbean stud poker. There's also a high limit table area called the Baccarat Lounge. The casino here is the largest in the Bahamas and it is the focal point of the gaming area.

In the Casino are two magnificent glass pieces by famed American glass artist, Dale Chihuly. One is the Temple of the Sun and the other, The Temple of the Moon. Amazingly structured with pieces of blown glass, these two works of art serve as a reminder of elaborate Atlantean temples.


Temple of the Sun
To relieve the cricks in our necks from staring at the Chihulys, my assistant and I decided to try our luck gambling. Yesssir! I was feeling lucky. Here we were in the middle of the most magnificent resort hotel in the Bahamas (the world?) surrounded by beauty, splendor and just great vibes. I decided to take a chance. Gamble on this good feeling. Throwing caution to the wind, I sidled over to the 25-cent slot machines (sure there are 5-cent slot machines too, but I felt daring!).

I picked one called "Whale of a Time" which I thought appropriately described our trip so far. After about 45 minutes of that sheer adrenaline rush of pulling the "arm" (okay, I'm not much of a gambler) I counted my quarters and found I had $30 dollars extra in my pocket! (So what if the pocket was a tad heavy and noisy, I was happy.) Temple of the Moon

So what do you do with all that extra cash? Go shopping of course! The shopping area, called The Crystal Court, features such upscale designers as Lalique, Ferragamo, Cartier, Façonnable, Gucci and Bulgari.

However, if I were to purchase my heart's desire in one of these stores, I'd have to go back to the casino and parlay my winnings by pi squared. So, not wanting to take a chance and blow my fortune, we decided to go to one of the little gift shops in the Royal Towers. Here I found the most wonderful fragrance for women called "Ancient Evenings". It's made exclusively for Atlantis and comes in an adorable seahorse shaped spray container. And it's under $20. What a find. (There's a larger size as well). And the gents are not left out. A wonderful men's fragrance called "Essence of Atlantis" is available in both sizes as well.

Next, we decided to visit The Dig, the archeological adventure that uncovers the remains of the ancient city of Atlantis. I guarantee you, you will dig The Dig. more>>


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