The Highway 127 Yard Sale
by Anna Collins &
Carol Holmes-Coloyan

So you think you're a seasoned yard sale shopper? You brag about being able to "shop till you drop" or until someone divorces you? Well you ain't seen nothing, my little shopaholic, until you've experienced the longest yard sale in America...more>>

Key West
by Anna Collins

Key West
hen the Village People sang about Key West in the 70s and proclaimed it to be "the key to happi-ness" they were right. After all—what's not to like; quaint surroundings, island ambiance, sunsets to take your breath away. And about 300 well-stocked bars...>>more

Miami, Florida
by Anna Collins

Take a trip to a historical fresh water pool, visit Miami's oldest bar, shop at a store that sells everything from frogs to incense, eat at a famous barbecue restaurant and meet a brilliant mosaic artist...>>more


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by Anna Collins

When visionary hotelier Sol Kerzner proclaimed his core value No. 1 "blow away the customer", never was that phrase more apparent than in his utopian masterpiece, Atlantis... more>>

Weeki Wachee, FL
Real Live Mermaids!

One of the many reasons I wanted to visit Weeki Wachee so much was simply because I enjoyed saying the name. You can't be sad or angry and say, "Weeki Wachee". Try it. See? more>>


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