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Travel Tip #4
For the Guys
by Staff

boxer safety

Boxer Shorts Can Be Pickpocket-Proof (Unless you meet a "friend")
Place a plastic bag with a zipper on your boxer shorts with your belongings inside. This is especially good when going to tropical countries that may be prone to persons with sticky fingers. Sweat will not pass the plastic, and it takes a great pickpocket to steal your belongings. Hello. Plus, just think how big your "package" will look.

Eliminate Shave Cream
- I eliminated having to buy shave cream and carry it wherever I go. I use a shaving brush, and work a lather from the hand soap. It works like a charm.

Frustrate a Pickpocket
Another trick for your front pocket wallet: Put a comb in the fold of your wallet. With the wallet opening to the top of your pocket and the teeth of the comb facing up, the comb will catch and make it difficult to remove the wallet. (If you can figure out those instructions, you're smart enough to keep track of your wallet.)

Keep Track of Your Companion
You could be... on a crowded city street, with a large tour group, or busy looking at history and the suddenly! your companion wanders off to the nearest shop - without telling you AGAIN.

People, carry a large patterned umbrella (big, bright flowers or huge pentagrams work well) and have your companion carry the same. Then, if you get separated, you can both open them up and raise them above the crowd and find each other in an instant. (The Dork Factor here is high - but at least you'll find each other and won't be trying to pantomime your anxiety to someone who doesn't speak English and just stares at you blankly while he stands there shelling peanuts with his teeth.)

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